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The Amanda Show Blockblister (Phantom Menace, Wizard of Oz, and Austin Powers)-0

Blockblister is a video store that is owned by the same family that's featured in the "Dooper" sketch. The sketch starts just as a customer comes in to complain about the movie they just rented. Then, the cashiers say that that movie is a parody of the original (The Brady Bunch/The Brady Brunch) For example, a man comes in and complains that his movie, "The Brady Bunch is nothing like the movies he's watched before. They then tell him that his movie is The Brady Brunch and says that, "This movie's better! Much better!". He gets upset and says, "What type of Blockbuster is this?!" They then reply, "This is Blockblister!", and the customer leaves.


  • Blockblister is a store which is owned by the foreign Blokey family with weird accents and always give the customers homemade spoofs of the actual movie made by the family. The customers come in, not pleased with seeing the Blokey family's movie spoofs of Star Wars Episode I: The Vantom Menace, The Wizard of Voz, and Austin Powders (having spoofed Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, The Wizard of Oz, and Austin Powers).
  • Today, the Biokey family rip off the customers with Tidanic (having spoofed Titanic) and an exercise video with Blini and Biscotti saying "lie down" and "sit up" over and over again while eating a pizza.
  • Today the Biokey family rip off the customers with homemade spoofs of Screamings, Star Drek, and The Brady Brunch (having spoofed Scream, Star Trek, and The Brady Bunch).
  • The Blokey family doesn't see anything wrong with their renditions of Snowy Day (having spoofed Snow Day) and Mission: Impossible, which isn't a DVD or a record, it's a DVP (having spoofed Mission: Impossible DVD), when customers complain.
  • The Blokey family deals with complaints about their movie renditions of The Nubby Professor and George From the Jungle (having spoofed The Nutty Professor and George of the Jungle).
  • The Blokey Family deal with unsatisfied costomers that rented from them. A girl and her babysitter were displeased that they got Face Ventura: Pet Detective (having spoofed Ace Ventura: Pet Detective). A boy blames the Blokey family for ruining his life by giving him Tom Zawyer (having spoofed Tom Sawyer) when he tried to watch the movie that it was spoofed from instead of reading the book for his class' book report. When the boy denies to pay them, Gnocchi call in Blini and Biscotti's tough-looking cousin Kreblock to make him change his mind.
  • Blockblister rents more high quality movies to therefore violently unsuspecting customers with their spoofs Stuart Lipple and F-Men (having spoofed Stuart Little and X-Men).