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Hillbilly Moment – Amanda and Drake dress as stereotypical hillbillies named Lula Mae and Eenis (respectively), and tell knock-knock jokes which always end with Lula Mae hitting Eenis over the head with the subject of the knock-knock joke.

  • The conversation between the two would always go as follows (with [object] representing the item Lula Mae is holding behind her back with her right hand):
    • Announcer: "It's time for a Hillbilly Moment!" (goofy laugh)
    • Lula Mae: "Hey, hey, knock, knock."
    • Eenis: "Who's there?"
    • Lula Mae: "[object]."
    • Eenis: "[object] who?"
    • Lula Mae: "I'm gonna hit you in the head with a/an [object]."
    • Eenis: (laughs) "Huh?"
    • Lula Mae hits him in the head with the [object]. Eenis stumbles and sometimes falls over.
    • Eenis: (laughs) "That's a good'un!"
    • Lula Mae: "Yup."