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Moody's Point is an over-the-top parody of teen dramas/soap operas, mainly, Dawson's Creek. The sketch focuses on Moody (Amanda Bynes), an emotionally exaggerated teen whose mother is lost in a hot air balloon and whose father is missing a toe. It featured her friends, such as Brie (Lauren Petty), Moody's best friend; Misty (Molly Orr), a girl who is always upset and easily offended; the nerdy Spalding (Taran Killam), a boy who has a huge crush on Moody but gets criticized by her in a ridiculous way and constantly has objects flung at him from beyond the screen; and Sternum (Matthew Botuchis), a brooding bad boy who responds to every question by asking the opposite question. Each episode had its own plot. The last episode ends with Moody finding out that her real parents are circus trapeze artists named "The Flying Worthsbergs". At the end of the episode, the screen shows the words "To Be Continued", but The Amanda Show was cancelled shortly thereafter ending the sketch on a cliffhanger. Creator Dan Schneider had pitched Nickelodeon that "Moody's Point" be spun-off as its own series, but the show was never green-lit. The theme of the song is "For All I Am", by Lisa Smith.

Character Description[]

  • Moody Fallon - The Main Protagonist and an emotionally exaggerated teen who lost her mother in a hot balloon accident and whose father lost his toe.
  • Brie - She is one of Moody's friends who helps her out. She also has a crush on Sternum.
  • Misty Raines - She is one of Moody's friends but is easily offended. When she's upset she always says "What's that supposed to mean?" and "You're so hurtful!"
  • Spalding - the nerdy outsider of the series. Who is friends with Moody and has a crush on her. It was never reciprocated as she always saw him as a friend.
  • Sternum - The brooding bad boy type that has a lot of girls attracted to him including Moody. He is known for answering every question by asking the opposite question. Sternum is similar to Edward Cullen in Twilight. and the show version here