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A stereotypical laid back hippie surfer played by Drake Bell who told nonsense stories, such as describing the time he lost a cordless phone, or about how finding a dead bird made him change his normal route to school. He is depicted with long, messy, shaggy blonde hair, a baggy, tie-dye shirt. He possesses a white electric guitar resembling a Fender Stratocaster, and a sea foam green semi-hollow electric guitar with a single cutaway and an F-hole. He uses the word "like" a lot, and always had an electric guitar hanging from his neck. His stories usually started with the line 'One time...'. This was the only recurring sketch without Bynes' appearance (she introduces Kyle off-screen), and the only character from any skit to appear on All That. In other sketches:

  • In "So You Want to Win 5 Dollars", he was given the question Mary Had a Little _____ and his task was complete the phrase. He and his selected friend kept thinking it was radio, then Kyle said the answer was Andrew Johnson. He then got every answer wrong in the 20 second rundown.
  • In "The Girls Room", he entered the talent show and his talent was he just kept talking about cereal in the same manner as on his sketch. Shelia was ordered to flush Kyle but Debbie said she'd do it, but it turns out that she and Kyle were kissing.
  • In a sketch with him at school shows that even his parents and grandparents talk like him much to the annoyance of his teacher.


  • He is similar to the characters Bill and Ted, in the fact that Bill and Ted are also laid-back surfer-speech talking guitarists.